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W3 Stock is located in the city of Port Moody, British Columbia – a naturally stunning suburb of Vancouver, Canada, surrounded by forest, creeks, lakes and ocean. Taken by the beauty of these environs, local cinematographer Rob Neilson decided to document his surroundings whenever possible, eventually offering his library to the world through the W3 Stock website.

W3 Stock is unique among stock video companies in that all of the footage in our library is entirely owned and distributed by us, and cannot be purchased through any other stock footage company. Additionally, an archive of the source footage library is readily accessible on our servers, allowing us to provide our clients with additional options for formats and CODECs, including the ability to provide RAW stock video footage when additional latitude is required for color grading.

W3 also offers clients around the world the ability to request custom stock footage, when the perfect b-roll is proving to be more illusive than expected. We have access to a wide range of cameras and lenses from RED, Panasonic, Sony, ARRI, Zeiss, Sigma, Tokina, and many more brands.

Our goal at W3 Stock is to provide film and video professionals with affordable high quality footage, and a simple royalty-free license. We offer only one non-transferable license, allowing the registered user of the purchased footage worldwide rights in perpetuity, in accordance with our license.

With plans to have the largest privately-owned stock footage libary in the world, we need to get out there and shoot, but please get in touch with us anytime, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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